Rewards made simple

A simple protocol to deliver benefits as NFTs


bnfts is a versatile and decentralized protocol, built to upgrade the experience of rewarding loyalty


A new NFT Standard developed to elevate benefits

Verified Issuers
Free to mint
Built on Polygon

Every bnft issuer must be verified by our curation team to certify bnfts' authenticity

There are no gas fees required to mint a bnft. Just follow a link and get it on your wallet.

Polygon's eco-friendly blockchain allows each NFT drop on bnfts protocol to have a low carbon footprint while being on a low-cost, secure blockchain.

To be used on the issuer verification after the beta phase.

Hop on the beta waitlist now to get 80% off on your issuer verification when it's live

How to distribute your bnft drops

Here are some ideas for you to select the best way to dispense bnfts to your audience.

Token-gated Websites

Use POAP or any other NFT as a condition to distribute bnfts


QR Codes

A fast, cheap and reliable way to distribute your bnfts.


NFC Tags

Distribute your bnfts by proximity tags right using a mobile phones


Custom method

Manage your mintlinks as you want. Integrate them with custom system or just email them.


Built to last with community support

bnfts is API-first

Integrate bnfts protocol to your product using our API, optimized for dev experience and scalability.
From builders to builders.

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